Ride Info
You may bring more than one bike. 

All bikes must be street legal and have a valid state issued license plate.

  • USFS approve spark arrestor.
  • Headlight and tail light in working condition
  • Horn must be permanent type-no squeeze balls
  • No race numbers on bike
  • Bike must have 140 mile range or you need to carry extra fuel on three of the routes.
  • Noise level is MAX 96 dBA according to SAE 1287 test procedure.
  • 10 point safety inspection
  • Helmet and riding gear must be of high safety quality.

What type of bike should I ride?
Most quality dual purpose motorcycle of 250cc to 1200cc will be suitable. 
A dedicated single track bike will be needed for the single track routes.

Four routes are designed to be big bike friendly. (anything with two or more holes). An oversized gas tank will be helpful. 
What type of terrain will we be riding?
Riding includes lots of two-track trails with a mix of dirt, ruts and rocks.  Some county gravel roads are included, which vary from poor quality to high speed gravel.  Single track is from mild to gnarly.  The paved roads on the route are some very special road riding with G1, G2 and G3 ratings from Butler maps. You will find a compact pair of binoculars a valuable tool.  Riders should be of intermediate skill level or more.

How remote is the area?
Limited areas will not have cell service.  By moving 1/2 mile of so you will pick up service.  Some routes will not have a convenient spot to stop for lunch.  On those routes we will provide a trail lunch fo all riders.  You are responsible for insuring your bike has adequate fuel range.     

What is the elevation?
Elevation will vary from 4209’ to 7179’.   You will visit Bear Mountain which the highest point you can ride a motorcycle between the Rocky Mountains and the Alps of Europe.

What wildlife may I encounter?

You will see a large variety of wildlife. Probable sightings include: Bighorn sheep, mountain goats, prairie dogs, buffalo, elk, bald and golden eagles, wide variety of ducks and geese, turkeys, antelope, whitetail deer, mule deer, marmots, coyotes, wild horses, burros, fox, badger, raccoons, sharptail grouse, and pheasants. *Do not approach buffalo! Stay on your bike with the engine running if buffalo are within 50 yards. Buffalo can accelerate as fast you can up to 23 mph.

What's the weather like?



Single track - dual sport - Adventure

Where do we stay?

The Dakota 600 will be held at the Rushmore Express near the bottom of Mt Rushmore in Keystone, SD. 

Is the Dakota 600 sanctioned by the AMA?

Yes!  We will take advantage of their great insurance and other programs.  While we strongly encourage membership in the AMA, being a member is not a requirement for attending the Dakota 600.

What the riders say:

The mix of forest roads, jeep roads, two-track, and single track trails was a nice variety of terrain/surface that kept riders from being maxed-out or bored. The ground is rocky – but the rocks are a different breed from those found in CO – these were more square-edged and more likely to stay put for better traction.  The scenery was fantastic.  Kudos to the single track routes and my LEMs.  I really appreciate your planning and work on this fine ride – it was efficient use of our time and enhanced the fun-factor!
        Will H- KTM 500EXC

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